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Thrive Center is starting out its programs by serving our neighbors in need with navigation to resources and services in the community, financial assistance, helping our clients learn the foundational skills and mindsets they need to succeed in the workplace and life, and ways to connect to friends in the community.

We also host events for people to connect, like the Police-Fire Softball Game or a Neighborhood Block Party, and for families to make memories together, like our Halloween Game and Candy Booths.

Making an Impact

Thrive Center helping with our financial burdens meant that we could breathe again. Nobody likes to endure financial stress or setbacks, but being in survival mode makes it even harder to find your balance. So grateful that Joshua could meet our needs so that we can begin thriving again and pushing towards our goals. Rather than just writing a check for assistance, he dedicated a lot of time getting to know our family and our unique situation. He reached out to his own friends & network to connect us to the right people so that we could continue to be successful in our professional goals, and also had many local resources that we could reach out to throughout the community. That definitely set them apart from other rental resources in Pierce County.” 

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