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Unleashing the power of everyone.


Our vision is to see people thrive, which is to intentionally grow toward the fullest potential of whom we are uniquely created to be. Individuals need a family and community to do that. Families are the building block of society, where individuals learn culture, language, life skills, worldview and gain the love and nurture they need to grow. Communities are the basic support structure for the family, giving them care for their basic needs, connection through friendships, growth toward completeness through mentoring and education, and calling through opportunities to learn and live out their purpose. As individuals grow stable, connected, and healthy, they are more likely to support the community that supported them. Everyone has a powerful role to play to support individuals and families to thriving.


Growing thriving communities, thriving families, and thriving lives.


Our mission is to organize communities around families and individuals to help them thrive through providing Care, Connection, Completeness, and Calling. We will provide care through pointing people to resources and services in their community and bringing city leaders together to address gaps in services in the needs they serve (food, health care, housing, etc.); connection through social events and programs to help people build friendships and lasting memories with their families; completeness through skill classes to help people grow in body, mind, and spirit; and calling through service projects and a leadership program to help people learn and live out their purpose.

We believe that a community already has everything it needs to obtain the solutions to its issues, but it rises and falls on leaders and volunteers to organize those resources and services to help people become stable, connected, whole, and on purpose. This grows thriving communities, thriving families, and thriving lives.

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